London’s Best Parks: Pictures

Hyde Park Kensington Gardens Green Park St. James’s Park Kew Gardens Crystal Palace Park Greenwich Park Morden Hall Park Hampstead Heath and Highgate Cemetery Regent’s Park Victoria Park – unfortunately I have no pictures of Victoria Park, but it was a lot like St. James’s!

Brussels, Belgium

After spending five nights in Dublin – a long stretch at any one hostel that brought about many odd looks from the receptionists – I hopped on an early morning plane to Brussels, Belgium. Brussels was never really on my radar as a tourist, and you can tell from the city itself that most European … More Brussels, Belgium

Dublin, Ireland

Contrasting to my first two days in Ireland, my last two were spent in the capitol city of Dublin.┬áDublin is a city packed with history and charm, and just like Edinburgh was small enough to be able to traverse easily in a day. I stayed at a hostel downtown, which I loved because the area … More Dublin, Ireland

Northern and Western Ireland

“Amazing,” “awesome,” “incredible.” These three superlatives are used so frequently that I feel they can’t really encapsulate what the Irish countryside is. But truly, places like Giant’s Causeway, the Cliffs of Moher, and others are awe-inspiring, and they did amaze me. My first two days in Ireland were split between the two different countries: Northern … More Northern and Western Ireland