Stirling, Scotland

The title of this draft was originally “Lake District National Park” because until just a few days ago, that’s where I thought I would end up. But upon realizing the cost of the only vacant room in the bed and breakfast, I decided to go to the Peak District instead. You’re confused, though, isn’t the … More Stirling, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

While the trip itself was fraught with emotion – specifically because the whole time I was without my clothes, toiletries, camera, and UK converter – I loved my first time in Scotland. The hills surrounding Edinburgh, the history shown in monuments and architecture, and the stories (which I learned day by day) all came together … More Edinburgh, Scotland

Florence, Italy

I spent less than 24 hours in Florence altogether, but it was so great being able to see Emilie (a fellow camp counselor from this past summer). It’s amazing how even just a small touch of familiarity can make a long trip away from home easier. We spent the evening seeing the outside of many … More Florence, Italy

Assisi, Italy

Once upon a time, years before I was born, a young boy created a small altar in his closet. After pretending to be a soldier, he would come back to his room and pretend to be a priest. Where would he end up? That depended on his local priest, a Franciscan, who inspired him to … More Assisi, Italy

Verona, Italy

“Ciao, bella Verona!” –Victor in Letters to Juliet   Here in Italy, I decided to bypass the larger cities like Venice, Milan, and Rome for a quieter change of pace. Verona fit my bill perfectly: touristy enough to have plenty to do while still full of local Italians going about their daily happenings. I arrived … More Verona, Italy

Vienna, Austria

“You mean to say that I’m more at home here, among the birds and the flowers and the wind that moves through the trees like a restless sea…More at home here than in Vienna in all your glittering salons gossiping gaily with bores I detest, soaking myself in champagne, stumbling about to waltzes by Strauss … More Vienna, Austria