Frankfurt, Germany

“So you have been here one week, and already you have decided to take an Arts degree from Redmond College?” – Aunt Josephine to Anne in Anne of Green Gables I have been abroad for one week now. I have taken ferries, trains, trams, busses, and a taxi. I have ordered wine in a restaurant … More Frankfurt, Germany

Norway: Preikestolen

Originally I meant this post to cover all my time in Norway, but I realize it’s already too long just with Preikestolen. You can read my time in Stavanger in the next post, Norway: Stavanger.  I don’t know if Norway would have even been on my radar without my swim coach, Mike Slagle. In the … More Norway: Preikestolen

Norway: Stavanger

You can read about the first leg of my Norway mini-trip, Preikestolen, here. After spending the afternoon at Preikestolen Mountain Lodge, I caught the Tideriser Bus back to Stavanger. I was worried that I would have to pay a for one-way ticket because usually you have to use the round-trip tickets in the same day, … More Norway: Stavanger

The Differences Between England, Britain, and the UK

Ever wonder what the differences are that distinguish British from English? Or why sometimes people say London is in the UK and England interchangeably? Here’s a short explanation, followed by a much better video with the same information: The smallest “area” I will be able to claim residency in is the country of England. England … More The Differences Between England, Britain, and the UK

Why England? Why London? Why Goldsmiths?

When people ask me where I am studying abroad, there’s a catch in my breath before I tell them London. For all of London’s glittery charm, historic and literary appeal, and world-wide renown, there’s an expectation for students my age to be going somewhere very different. Read: Africa, Middle East, Haiti. John Oliver, one of my favorite … More Why England? Why London? Why Goldsmiths?