What’s in Your Backpack?

As most classic A-types, I love making lists. Often, I’ll make several related to the same thing, some on a Word document, some on a legal pad, some in Google Spreadsheets. When I left for college, I made a five-page document using a graph with places for the item name, whether I could “check” it off or not, and notes (like which roommate was in charge of it). As I plan for my travels around Europe and then a semester in London, I have two packing lists to complete: one for my backpack and one for my large suitcase.

I will be spending about three and a half weeks backpacking around western Europe. I can only bring so much, and most people recommend only carrying about 18 pounds. These items will also make up the bulk of my belongings for the first two weeks of classes: my parents will be bringing the larger suitcase when they arrive in early October.

So, how can I fit a month’s worth of clothing and belongings into a backpack? First, I’m doing research on the most important items for traveling. Power converters, a camera, a large scarf, and a day pack are high on most people’s lists.

As for clothes, I’m following those incredible Pinterest graphics, like this:


And, once I arrive in New Cross I can make a few runs to T.K. Maxx or a local thrift store.

What else should do you think I be bringing?

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