Here’s What I Know About London

One of my favorite books, Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, starts with Anna Olliphant listing all she knows about Paris – the city she will be spending her senior year of high school. So, in true Anna form, I’ll now list what I know about London, England: my home base for the next five months.

  1. Everyone rides “the Tube,” and they ride it silently. Your Americanness shows if you talk while riding – especially if you mention the heat.
  2. Though Queen Elizabeth is still the “queen” she is mostly a figurehead, and America media paints her as a fairly snobbish.
  3. Kate Middleton is God’s gift to the UK.
  4. UK, Britain, and England seem to be used interchangeably, but CGP Grey set me straight. Watch here.
  5. People are inexplicably more stylish – though most of it is black, tan, or off white.
  6. It’s expensive to live in London.
  7. There’s a London Bridge, but there’s also a Tower Bridge and these are not the same thing.
  8. Buckingham Palace is only one of many English royalty residences.
  9. Light purple is the color to wear after coming out of your mourning period (though this observation comes from Downton Abbey, might be a bit dated).
  10. Hyde Park is the most famous park, though there are many parks around the city.
  11. Greater London is the name of the wide area – the City of London is only about a square mile large.
  12. Food is notably bland, and peanut butter is impossible to find.
  13. Related: London has tried to remedy the bland food problem by having a large amount of Indian restaurants around the city. Going out for curry is a regular pastime.
  14. Museums: Tate, British, Victoria and Albert, Imperial War, Tower of London.
  15. People: Queen Elizabeth, David Cameron, the Beatles, Charles Dickens, Harry Potter.

No doubt I missed a lot. Can’t wait to learn more!

Thanks for making it all the way down here! Like what you read or have a question to ask? Comment here!

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