Reminders from My Mother


Any study abroad student or world traveler is bound to have a few panicked moments of “Wait – did I pack that [very important thing]?” Thankfully for me, my mom has been on top of her game to make sure I minimize these kinds of worries while I’m abroad. Here’s a short list of things you should make sure to have done before leaving the country this semester!

  1. “Did you remember to fill out your absentee ballot?”
    • Maybe you haven’t noticed, but there’s been a lot of controversy and attention to this upcoming election…oh, you have heard. Well, even though I’ll be abroad for this semester, I know I should be exercising my right to vote. By heading down to city hall (once you know your address), you can register for an “absentee ballot” that let’s you cast your votes even while in another country.
  2. “Did you remember to fill your prescription and pick up allergy medication?”
    • I need to make sure all of my medication is ready to go for these next five months! Some medications aren’t distributed in foreign countries – and why deal with the hassle of trying to go to a foreign pharmacy when you can just bring over everything in the first go around?
  3. “Do you think that’s all going to fit?”
    • Pack early and understand that you will have to repack. I know that once everything is in my pack, I’ll forget something or decide there’s a better way to organize everything.
  4. “Did you schedule checking into your flight?”
    • Thankfully we can now skip the check-in at the airport by doing it online! 24 hours in advance I’ll check into my first flight – marking the very real reality that I am going to be in Europe :O
  5. “Have you weighed your pack yet?”
    • The discount airlines have very strict policies about how much luggage can and can’t weigh. I’m making sure that my big suitcase (that my parents are bringing earlier) is less than 50 pounds and my pack will be around 20.
  6. “Do you think you’ll be able to carry it all once you arrive?”
    • Walk with your backpack! I’m going to be going on half hour walks before jetting off to make sure I can actually carry it.
  7. “Do you want the large can of peanut butter or the small?”
    • Turns out peanut butter is hard to come by in Europe – so my mom got me two cans to choose between for while I’m there.
  8. “Do you have your address?”
    • Not yet! But as soon as I do have my address, I’ll be able to post it on this blog so that you lovely people can respond to my post cards, I can actually get my absentee ballot, and maybe even get English junk mail.
  9. “Did you download Whatsapp?” (This is actually from my dad).
    • I’ll be turning my data off in Europe and not getting an international plan, so I’ll be using Whatsapp for friends and family who don’t have iPhones. iMessage still works in Europe – so Facetime and Messaging will work just the same for me. If you have an Android, download Whatsapp and text me!
  10. “Do you have a stain remover pen?”
    • Accidents happen on the road…bring a Tide-to-Go pen!

I am not a sponsor for Tide-to-Go.

I know I’ll hear a few more as these next two days go by – so I’ll update the list 🙂

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