My Bucket List!

Here, I have lots of things listed to do in no particular order at the moment. They cover parts of Norway, the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria. How many things do you think I can accomplish in four months? In my lifetime?

  1. Send a post card 
  2. Stonehenge
  3. Walk through Anne Frank’s House
  4. Visit a Speakeasy
  5. Leadenhall Market
  6. Visit Dachau Concentration Camp
  7. Visit the Tower of London
  8. Walk Across the Carrick-a-Rede Bridge
  9. Fancy Dress Party
  10. Loch Ness
  11. Outdoor Movie
  12. Brighton
  13. Sing Along Film
  14. See the Durdle Door
  15. Visit Catacombs of Paris
  16. Kayak in fjords
  17. Musical on the West End
  18. Ragged School Museum
  19. Tour Lyme Park
  20. Bike in Hyde Park
  21. Basildon Park
  22. Play at Shakespeare’s Globe
  23. Drink Some Guinness in a Local Pub
  24. Visit Selfridge’s
  25. South Bank Book Market
  26. Visit the Vienna Opera House
  27. Haggle in Old Spitafeld’s Market
  28. “Pop down to a pub for a swift half of cider”
  29. Visit a Famous Cheesemonger
  30. Kew Gardens
  31. Visit the Natural History Museum
  32. Peruse the shelves in Shakespeare and Company
  33. Hampstead Heath
  34. Listen to a Mozart Concert in Salzburg  
  35. Go to a Science Museum Late
  36. Climb Arthur’s Seat
  37. Visit the British Museum
  38. Visit the Dublin Writers Museum
  39. Amble in Morden Hall Park
  40. Go to Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey
  41. Hike Preikstolen
  42. Cheer at a Cricket Match
  43. Visit the Edinburgh Castle
  44. Walk the Streets in Soho
  45. Take a Harry Potter Walking Tour
  46. Walk Across Millenium Bridge on a stormy day
  47. Walk through the Stanage Edge
  48. Attend a Fancy Supper Club
  49. Epping Forest
  50. Forth Rail Bridge
  51. Painshill Park
  52. Bodlein Library
  53. Buy Flowers at the Columbia Road Flower Market
  54. Louvre
  55. Go Ice Skating at Somerset House
  56. Giant’s Causeway
  57. Tour Highclere Castle
  58. Go on a Free Walking Tour
  59. Listen to Christmas Carols in Trafalgar Square
  60. See the Roman Baths
  61. Hike through the Highlands
  62. Go to a Library Bar
  63. Hike Cheddar Gorge in Somerset
  64. Hop onto Platform 93/4 at King’s Cross Station (Warner Brothers Studio)
  65. Walk Along the White Cliffs of Dover
  66. Scoot up to the Edge of the Cliffs of Moher
  67. Visit 221B Baker Street
  68. Walk to the Top of Primrose Hill
  69. Tour Buckingham Palace
  70. Go to the Norfolk Lavender Fields
  71. Window-shop in Harrods
  72. Take the Ferry to Guernsey
  73. Take a Selfie Outside of Big Ben
  74. Eat schnitzel 
  75. Tour Stratford-Upon-Avon
  76. Drink High Tea
  77. Visit Warwick Castle
  78. Stroll through Highgate Cemetery
  79. Cotswolds
  80. Halnaker Mill in Chichester
  81. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  82. Covent Garden Apple Market
  83. Read in the British Library
  84. Go Back in Time at St. Dunstan-in-the-East
  85. Canterbury Cathedral
  86. Add to the Graffiti in the Elephant House
  87. Row a Boat in the Serpentine (Regents Park, actually)
  88. Speaker’s Corner
  89. Ride the Jacobite
  90. Take a Tour at Trinity College
  91. Visit Trafalgar Square
  92. Take a Literary Tour of Edinburgh
  93. Charles Dickens Walking Tour
  94. Lacock Abbey
  95. Stand on the Reformer’s Tree
  96. Visit Hill Top Farm in the Lake District
  97. Minack Theatre
  98. Check out the Elfin Oak
  99. Visit the Making of Harry Potter Studio
  100. Walk Along the Cobb in Lyme
  101. Ride the London Eye
  102. Drink apple wine
  103. Get lost in the Baroque Library
  104. Scottish National Library
  105. Peruse the Victoria and Albert Museum
  106. Take the Jane Austen Walk in Chawton
  107.  Walk Across Dublin’s Ha’Penny Bridge
  108. Stroll Around Notting Hill
  109. Stand on the Prime Meridian
  110. Westminster Cathedral
  111. Chatsworth House Sculpture Gallery
  112.  Drink Scotch in Scotland
  113. Climb to the Top of St. Paul’s Cathedral
  114. Walk About Kensington Gardens
  115. Stand on Point Zero
  116. See a Show at the Royal Opera House
  117. Eat in Borough Market
  118. Mermaid Cave at Dunluce Castle
  119. Richmond Park
  120. Hadrian’s Wall
  121. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
  122. Walk Across Charles Street Bridge
  123. Sing and Dance on the Fraulein Maria Bike Tour