Florence, Italy


I spent less than 24 hours in Florence altogether, but it was so great being able to see Emilie (a fellow camp counselor from this past summer). It’s amazing how even just a small touch of familiarity can make a long trip away from home easier.


We spent the evening seeing the outside of many of the famous sites in Florence (or Firenze, as the name is in Italian). We ate by the Duomo, got some strawberry-lemon gelato, saw the carousel, a piazza full of statues (minus the real David), and a few amazing churches. The architecture was astonishing!


It was a perfect evening with weather to match. I’m afraid there’s not much else to say on my stop to Florence, other than I’ll see you next time!


One thought on “Florence, Italy

  1. I have so enjoyed your blogs and photos. You are amazing having planned and executed this journey. What an experience and memory to have. Italy is my dream country to one day visit from top to bottom. Happy you were able to hook up with a friend in Firenze.


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