My New Pup: Luna the Lowrider

IMG_4726Normally my Wednesday posts are politically and specifically prison reform focused, but this week was so eventful for my life that I needed to push those back so that I could share the news! Henry and I finally adopted a dog.

We have both grown up with some of the best family dogs out there. Henry’s first word was “Otto,” asking for the basset with a ‘tude his mom adopted after college. Otto wasn’t the only Heim basset – Anna followed a few years later and lived a very long life. Well into her golden years and deaf, Anna wandered into the woods and was missing for weeks before being picked up by a kindly stranger – somehow still kicking! Stella is the third Miller-Heim dog, a white schnoodle who will forever be a puppy, and I have the biggest soft spot for her because of her awesome and fun demeanor.

My family, until later this summer, has only ever had one dog, our beloved Mickey. We adopted him when I was ten, and he lived for a too short ten years. A goofball who loved people, went psychotic in the snow, and will always be missed, Mickey was pretty much the greatest dog. Actually before we adopted the dog I’m about to introduce you to, we were asked to consider fostering a golden retriever named Mickey, and I started tearing up. We ended up passing because there would be no way we would give him to an adopting family.

My post on Sunday was all about homesickness and adjusting to Louisville. With Henry being gone frequently, I was working on settling. So when we got the email that our application had been approved and we could meet a new furry friend on Sunday…we jumped on the chance!


Luna is a seven year old basset mix, and our vet thinks she might have some corgi in her; our super thinks she has some shepherd. She loves a stuffed monkey toy with nine different squeakers (but struggles to get any to work – she’s surprised every time she accidentally presses hard enough). Our vet is hoping she can lose about ten pounds, and Luna wishes she could just eat chicken forever – though not treats for some reason.


We met Luna for the first time at a Petsmart in Cincinnati. I was smitten right away. She walked well, even though she was nervous, didn’t cower away or bark at all. After signing our papers, asking our questions, and buying the essentials, we took the long drive back to Louisville.


Now we’re all just settling in! Luna visited the vet and the park today, is eating better, and discovered that beloved monkey. Now after a crazy day, she’s snoring in her crate while I write all about her.


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